3d Presentation of Solar Panels from Moxie Solar Sunlight is the number one energy investment in Iowa. Hover over the buildings below to learn more.
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Solar energy provides incredible tax incentives

Iowa Utility companies will pay you
to go solar

Moxie comprehensively enhances commercial profitability

Moxie Solar is the only all encompassing Iowa Solar installation company.  We meet with utility officials, coordinate all applications and assist our clients in understanding tax credit benefits.  We also work hard to find you additional grant money to further improve your return on investment.  With all this red tape handled by our client services department, our installation professionals can focus on installing the best solar energy systems money can buy…and that’s exactly what we do everyday.

Moxie Solar NABCEP Certified

Our NABCEP trained and certified experts are the best in the industry at installing Residential, Commercial, Agricultural  (Ask us about the USDA REAP Grants for our Ag Customers!!) and Utility grade installations.  Our client services professionals are knowledgeable and great to work with.  If you talk to them over the phone you’ll probably hear them smiling through the phone!!

With higher volumes of installations at Moxie Solar, be certain to have us give you a quote.  Our quality is always the highest in the industry while our rates are typically low.  (ASK FOR OUR REFERENCES AND PROOF OF THESE STATEMENTS, yeah we’ve got some Moxie but we can back it up!! ;-) )

Put our solar experts to work for you!!

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Moxie Solar FinancingMoxie Solar has teamed up with financing providers to offer financing to qualified borrowers.  In many situations, this allows our customers to start saving money in the very first month that solar has been installed.

Improve cash flow, save money by not pay sky-rocketing utility bills, oh yeah and protect the planet. (The average residential solar energy system reduces CO2 emissions by over 268,000 pounds!)

Moxie SolarNobody works harder to make things simple throughout the process for their clients than Moxie Solar. Why? Because of our passionate belief… it’s the right thing to do.


Join the Moxie Movement  in 3 Easy Steps:

  • 1. Insight

    Introductory contact and fact finding to determine how best Moxie Solar can serve you. Call us at 855-MOXIEUP (855-669-4387) for a free consultation.

  • 2. Initiation

    Think NASA’s - “Launch Sequence Initiated”, not College Frat Hazing — the most important phase of the process where data is analyzed and many decisions are made to enable Moxie Solar to present you with a formal proposal outlining all material aspects of the process.

  • 3. Installation

    In accordance with joint decisions made between you and Moxie Solar, the installation of your new system is installed and inspected.